These days it's necessary to differentiate yourself from your competition and drive traffic to your website by adding online video. Why? You need to deliver your important message in a form that people will pay attention to. Because people are reading less and less, that delivery method is video, not words. Just look at the success of YouTube and the widespread use of video on Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs and more it's everywhere!

If you decide to include a video on your website, don't make the same mistake as many other organizations trying to save money and time by shooting the video themselves with their home equipment or worse. Think about the number of YouTube videos that you have stopped watching because of poor image or sound quality! These videos detract from the organization's message and brand.

Don't think you can't afford a professional website video that enhances your image and gets your message across clearly and creatively. Brilliant Image Productions will work within your budget, bringing knowledge and imagination to your website video, along with high-quality equipment and years of experience.