Photos to DVD Video

Like most of us, you probably have hundreds of photos on your computer, disorganized and difficult to view and share with family. And if your computer crashes and you lose your hard drive? Without a backup, hundreds if not thousands of priceless memories will be instantly erased.

Or perhaps your old photos are languishing in a drawer or a shoebox, or filed in bulky albums that are falling apart. Without proper protection, your photos of life's memorable moments will literally fade away.

Brilliant Image Productions can bring your photos to life again on DVD. We can scan your precious prints or transfer the photos from your computer to a DVD.

Just think we could convert all your photo albums onto one DVD! We color correct and repair scanned photos, and add special effects, such as slide show transitions, chapter selection, and sound. Consider making copies of the DVD for each member of your family!

A DVD of your parents' wedding albums and honeymoon photographs can be a wonderful and emotional surprise gift, something that they will always treasure, bringing back many fond memories.

Last modified on Friday, 09 December 2016 15:45